Tulowitzki connects and sends a ball deep into the outfield.

Simply put; I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for photojournalism. I have had a lifelong adoration for magazines and newspapers and had big dreams of following the family tradition of writing. Strangely enough, the thought that somebody was out there capturing all these images that went along with the articles and stories never really occurred to me – until it did. I have been a journalist, writing for magazines and newspapers since I was fifteen years old. Covering the local music scene mainly, but not exclusively. Then, one day, a press accreditation I had applied for came back as a photo pass. Never one to pass up an experience, I borrowed a camera and set off to shoot this event. The results were hideous but the hook was in my skin and my addiction began right there on that day. Today, photography is all I want to do. When I’m not shooting, you can bet I’m thinking about my next shoot or event.

It’s funny – I’ve owned cameras for as far back as I can remember. I have clear memories of my childhood summer’s, wandering around historical sites in the United Kingdom with my family and a point and click camera, covered in soccer stickers, strapped around my wrist. I still have that camera, as a matter of fact, although it stopped working many years ago. There’s still a half exposed roll of film in it, too. Mystery film from a long ago time. Part of me wants to develop it, but part of me likes the mystery and suspense that comes with it.

Photojournalism and documentary are on prominent display in my work, I find. And, although I do still write on occasion, I let my cameras tell the story more these days. The digital age is definitely upon us, but there’s life in print media yet, and for that I am thankful. You can find my work fairly regularly printed in the pages of the Montreal Times newspaper, the Toronto Times newspaper or digitally on Montreal Rocks, Bad Feeling magazine and The Fight City. I do shoot for other publications from time to time, but those three are my main outlets.

I am open to inquiries from media outlets, though.