New beginnings!

March 28, 2023

So – it turns out, I am a far better photographer than I am a web developer.


I began the new year with a bee in my bonnet, thinking that it was time for a fresh new look for my online presence, and since I had successfully built the original website that stood for close to a decade, why not tackle the new website myself. Makes sense, right? Not so fast. In that decade, things went and got themselves complicated, and beyond my understanding of website creation.


I had set my goals on a theme that I purchased, without thinking to check that it would work on my web host; long story short, it didn’t. I even managed to botch the backing up process of the original site and instead succeeded in deleting the whole kit and caboodle. Brilliant.


So, if you have visited this site recently, you’ll have noticed that there was nothing to see. Nothing at all. Blank, bleak zero. Stubbornly, I kept trying to figure out what I had done wrong with the theme that I had paid to use. I couldn’t. Obviously. So finally, I was forced to surrender and take one on the chin – delete the new theme and admit defeat.


However, coming from a DIY background and being a stubborn human being means that although I lost the battle; I was still in the fight. Being the wily bugger that I am, I set about being a new website, but this time I went about it by selecting far simpler tools that fit within my skillset. I have a ways to go yet, but at least there’s something here to occupy this space now, and not just a big empty void.


Because – as it turns out, I can set a camera in the pitch black with ease, but I can’t figure out WordPress for beans.