Out Of Commission

Out Of Commission
January 17, 2024

Well, here we are, about half way through the first month of January – and for me, it has been a wild start to the year.

You see, my 2024 started with a pretty serious surgery to correct an issue I have had over the past twelve years that effects my balance and hearing. This was something that was scheduled to take place a while ago, but with that whole global pandemic thing, health worker strikes (which I fully support) and a lack of health care professionals in this province – I had to park myself on a waiting list for a while and wait it out for a bit.

Luckilly for me, I have a fantastic doctor that took great care of me throughout that process and he died a phenominal job repairing my issue. Now I’m on the mend and it is quite honestly way tougher than I thought it would be. In short – I have been dizzy non-stop for a week as my head wraps itself around the changes caused by this procedure but I am already noticing a whole lot of possitives. I am a movie nut, and I’ve noticed, eventhough my head is still bandaged, that I am watching films at a lower volume level and hearing a lot of things I don’t think I was prior to the surgey. Amazing!

This all started about sixteen years ago, when I caught an infection while free diving. Something I used to do a lot for fun and an avenue I always wanted to bring to my photography – underwater captures. Whether or not that ever comes to fruition remains to be seen. I don’t yet know if I will ever be able to return to diving again. I’m also not in a rush to get back into that just yet.

To cut a long story short and save everyone the dull details, this infection caused an abcess that grew inside my head and caused a good amount of damage to the inner workings on my head. I know what you’re thinking – that explains my tastes in movies and music. I’ve heard it all by now.

Anyway – as I heal up, I thought I would share and offer a reason as to why my photography work hasn’t been very prominent of late. I foolishly thought I would be back on my feet for the start of the PWHL hockey season, and so far, have missed Montreal’s first two home games, as well as one of the Montreal Toundra games in the BSL.
While frustrating, I’ll soon be back photographing hockey, basketball, live music and portraits and will have a plethora of work to share with you all real soon!

Until then, live your best lives! I can’t wait to share new work with you all.